Nathaniel Feldmann

Hello, I’m

Hello, I’m


Nathaniel Feldmann is a writer and editor based in Amsterdam. 

His expertise is centered on the visual arts, queer studies, and literary fiction. He is a cum laude graduate of Erasmus University Rotterdam’s School of History, Culture, and Communication with an MA in Art, Culture, and Society.

He is a freelance writer and editor in the Dutch cultural sector and collaborates with artists and cultural institutions in the development of websites, newsletters, and printed publications.

Nathaniel is a Resident Author and Editor at Berlinable. He offers editing services for fiction, as well as consultations for those working on stories, books, and projects centered on the visual arts and/or queer subjects.

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Unknown Grounds, a performative symposium, took place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019 in Leeuwarden, Friesland in partnership with Stichting VHDG and artist Flora Reznik. Through the reappropriation of the event’s transcripts, isolated blocks of texts have been rearranged and adapted into an extensive conversation between presenters and the audience. Constructed in a non-linear format, the intention is for readers to follow their own adventure.
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As a Resident Author at Berlinable, I write stories that explore queer intimacy, sexuality, and the relationships queer people form with each other. Often expressed through the romance genre, these stories seek to find the heart, soul, and sensuality that connects us to lived experience.

Coming Soon:

The City and the Sea

Jonah Halloran, an up-and-coming failure of an art critic, cannot get fuck boy supermodel Gabriel Fujimori off his mind. After one last unsuccessful attempt to win Gabriel’s heart, Jonah sets out on a spiritual cleanse. While en-route to an ashram in India, Jonah is sidetracked by chance in Istanbul. Fantasy and reality coalesce as Jonah explores the city, and falls in love along the sea.

Nathaniel Feldmann

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